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Dental Health Care in the Comfort of your Own Home, with Domiciliary Visits (Dental Care at Home)

What are Domiciliary Visits?

Domiciliary visits are used for dental care at home, as the necessary dental treatments are provided in the comfort and convenience of the patient’s home.

Also called home visit dentistry, domiciliary visits are ideal if you are disabled, housebound, or are unable to get the treatment in a dentist’s office due to dental fear or dental anxiety.

These dental treatments undertaken at home are aimed towards those who have mobility issues and may not have the capacity to go to a dentist’s office to get the dental treatment that they need.

We encourage you to call us for further information regarding domiciliary visits so we can work something out for you. Home dental care visits are available in the Northamptonshire area, including dental care visits at home for emergency appointments.

What is Involved with Domiciliary Visits?

Domiciliary visits by our dentists for these dental treatments: dental checkups , dental cleaning, scaling and polishing, simple tooth extractions, simple dental fillings, the creation of new dentures, and repairs on existing dentures. Some treatments, such as those that need x-rays and other digital images as well as surgical dental procedures, may not be possible for dental care at home services.

Who Can Have Dental Care at Home?

Dental care at home is ideal for patients who are housebound, and those who are disabled or will have a hard time going to the actual dentist’s clinic because of physical challenges. Domiciliary visits are also recommended if you suffer from dental anxiety, or if the idea of going to a dental clinic (or even sitting on a dental chair) makes you anxious and triggers a sudden panic attack.Benefits of Domiciliary Visits.

Domiciliary visits make it possible for the necessary dental treatments to be successfully undertaken even when the patient is physically unable to go to the actual dentist’s clinic.

Dental care at home enables even housebound patients (the elderly, and those who have physical disabilities) to achieve good dental health through the dental treatments that can be given at home.

Dental care at home also provides advantages to nervous patients who are very anxious at the thought of going to an actual clinic for dental treatments. As the treatments are given or undertaken in the comfort of their own home, the treatment can successfully be finished while the patient is in a relaxed and familiar environment, preventing the risk of panic attacks that can be triggered by the smells, scenes, tools, and sounds that can be seen in a dental clinic.

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